There is no reason that Mum should be sitting quietly at family functions because she cannot hear. By allowing her to reconnect with the world through assisting her hearing, she can once again regain her spot at the centre of the table. Give Mum the gift of hearing.

Welcome to Reconnect Finance

When you are faced with purchasing a new cellphone, you can either pop into a cellphone shop and purchase a phone and then go to a service provider and get some airtime; or can take out a contract with the service provider which you can renew every 2 years. Most working people, or people with a monthly income, choose to have a cellphone contract rather than paying the large purchase price upfront for a new cellphone.

However, when it comes to hearing instruments you don’t really have any choices. You have to purchase something you really don’t want, but desperately need, and you have to pay the full purchase price upfront or pay the ever-increasing “payment gap” between the medical aid contribution and the purchase price of the hearing aid.

However, we can now offer ….


We have heard you. Thank you for the feedback. Whilst it is still possible to fund all hearing aids, those patients who have a medical aid benefit often want to just fund the GAP between their medical aid benefit and the price of hearing aid. Hence we will now offer “Hearing Aid GAP Financing”. We will be offering funding for the following round amounts : R5000, R10 000, R15000 AND R20 000.


A patient can either purchase a hearing aid and pay upfront, or can take the hearing aid on “contract” – just like a cellphone contract. You can also use your medical aid benefit to purchase one hearing aid and then finance the other, thereby allowing you to get the right level of technology that your audiologist is recommending and you need.

What are the advantages to the Customer?

Reconnect is able to offer the following hearing aids on contract

How does it work?

  • Once the audiologist has recommended a hearing instrument and if the patient wants to acquire the hearing instruments on-contract, then the audiologist will make an application to Reconnect via the Reconnect web-portal on Tower Investments Credit Management System. Reconnect has outsourced the funding of the hearing instruments to Tower Investments who is a registered FSP.
  • Included in the monthly installment, is an insurance premium to cover the settlement of all payments over the remaining term of the 3-year period should the hearing aid be lost or the patient dies.
  • The patient will be given an invoice of the capital amount for the patient to submit to their medical aid. The fact that the patient, or the person paying, has chosen a funding mechanism to fund the hearing aid is between the person paying for the hearing aid and the Funder. Contributions from a medical aid can be used to offset the monthly payment to Tower Investments.